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    I Still Adore My 64 & 128



(updated on Jan. 4th, 2019)


Welcome to my website, dedicated to my favorite pieces of computing technology, the Commodore 64 and 128. These two machines are where my fondness for computing began and where I have a lot of happy memories.

I still use my C64 and C128 today and on these pages, I'd like to share the fun things that I continue to learn about them as well as some of wonderful hardware and software still being made for these 8-bit machines.


Ledger64 and QuickNotes Updates

A while back, I wrote two little programs in BASIC called, Ledger64 and QuickNotes. I have recently made a few updates and bug fixes to them and are making them available for download, if you would consider a small donation to help me keep this blog going. Just Buy Me A Coffee and you will be given the URL to the .D64 image that contains version 1.1 of the programs. Version 1.0 of these are freely available to you on my Media page. Thank you for visiting and for your support! Update: I've also now included updated versions for the C128!

Wasteland for the C64Mini

I have put together a zip file containing the disk images and folder layout to play the classic RPG Wasteland on the C64Mini. You will need to have a USB keyboard plugged in to the C64Mini in order to play this game. Instructions on how to get Wasteland running can be found HERE.

Left behind in 1986

One game that I've enjoyed playing the past year is a relatively new release, called Trance Sector Ultimate, released by TND back in 2015. Although I never seen or played this game before last year, it seemed familiar to me in some way; I just could not figure out why. All I knew is that I enjoyed playing it. read more...

Four months with the C64Mini

It's been just a little over four months that I have had the C64Mini. So, what do I think of this little console after having some time to play with it? I have to confess that I've warmed up to this device quite a bit and have been playing it more frequently than what I first guessed I would be. read more...

A Christmas gift to you

Well, it's that wonderful time of the year once again and. in celebration of Christmas, I thought I'd bring some attention to these enjoyable holiday themed programs for your C64. read more...

Reviews now include Mini check

I've decided to include, in my C64 game reviews, an indicator for those games that work on the C64mini console. read more...

A new C64 game from Canadian publisher

I happened to stumble across information about another new game for the C64, set to be released early next year. What excited me most about this new game is that it is being produced by a retro games developer, here in Canada! To me, this is fantastic news and is something that compels me to throw my support behind. read more...

Review of Free Base for the C128

I've had some time to play around with Free Base, a free form database for the C128, published in Loadstar128, back in 1994. After spending some time working with it, I've concluded that this database really seems to function like a very early version of a Wiki database. read more...

A failing 1541

After sitting in cold/hot storage for better part of three to four years, I finally got around to getting out my original 1541 floppy disk drive and giving it a test drive. Right from the get-go, however, the drive didn't sound very good, nor did it appear to work properly. Oh boy. read more...

Is the C64Mini all that bad?

My intention is not to turn this website/blog into a C64 Mini focused one. But, I just had a desire to share a few of my thoughts on some of the negative emotions the Mini is generating amongst some of the Commodore retro community. read more...

Playing multi-game disks on the C64 Mini

I've spent some time playing games from my own collection on the C64 Mini, but discovered an issue with disk images containing multiple games. The issue being, the Mini only loads the first file it finds on any disk image, preventing you from playing any other games that may be stored on that disk. read more...

I join the Mini revolution

I was pleasantly surprised today with a belated birthday gift from my son. Apparently, he placed this pre-order earlier this spring and, today, it was finally delivered by the retailer. I am now the proud owner of a new C64Mini specifically released for the North American market. read more...

WS DOS Review

If you have a 1571 floppy disk drive hooked up to your C128, here's an easy way to turn it into a fast loader for your C64 games and programs. read more...


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