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Below are just a few simple tips and tricks I've come across, relating to the Commodore 64 and 128.

The C64

A command line reset button

Save some wear and tear on your C64's circuitry by performing a system reset, without a reset button. At the BASIC command prompt, type: SYS64738 and then press RETURN. This will reset the C64, almost as if you shut the computer off and then turned it back on again.

Stop the disk chatter - Originally published in Loadstar, issue #8

Here is a one line program that is ninety percent effective at stopping the chattering noise, when loading copy protected disk. This should be executed just before the commercial software is loaded. At the BASIC command prompt, type:
OPEN 15,8,15:PRINT#15,“M-W”;CHR$(106)CHR$(0)CHR$(1)CHR$(133):CLOSE15 then press RETURN. After this is executed, load the software according to the publisher's direction.

Load and Run a BASIC program with one keystroke - Originally published in Loadstar, issue #10

You can automatically have the C64 run a BASIC program after loading it by pressing SHIFT-RUN/STOP at the end of your LOAD command, like this: LOAD “program name”,8: then press the key combination SHIFT-RUN/STOP. After the program is loaded, the C64 will immediately RUN it.

The C128

The quick way to load a disk

Just as you can quickly load the first program on a cassette tape on a C64, you can load the first program on a disk, on the C128, by pressing SHIFT-RUN/STOP. This automatically runs the command DLOAD“* , which will search for the first program on a floppy disk, load it and then run it.

Switch between 80 column and 40 column mode on-the-fly

You can easily switch back and forth, between your 80 column and 40 column monitor, by pressing the ESC key, followed by X.
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