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-{{ :​alien_love.jpg?​nolink 300|}} //(updated on June 13th, 2018)//+{{ :​alien_love.jpg?​nolink 300|}} //(updated on August 16th, 2018)//
 Welcome to my website, dedicated to my favorite pieces of computing technology, the Commodore 64 and 128.  These two machines are where my fondness for computing began and where I have a lot of happy memories.  ​ Welcome to my website, dedicated to my favorite pieces of computing technology, the Commodore 64 and 128.  These two machines are where my fondness for computing began and where I have a lot of happy memories.  ​
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 ====== LATEST NEWS & UPDATES ====== ====== LATEST NEWS & UPDATES ======
-**New Review ​and a Few New Resources**+**Ledger64 ​and QuickNotes Updates**
-For the last little ​while, I've been using this excellent spreadsheet application, ​called ​Calcwhich I found on Loadstar a while back.  ​It's my new preferred spreadsheet app. for the C64 and you can read my review of it [[:reviews:​calc|here]].  ​Also, I've added a new section ​to the [[:​media|Media]] page, with a few user manuals in PDF form for a few products I've reviewed on the site.+while back, I wrote two little programs in BASIC called, ​:::​Ledger64:::​ and :::​QuickNotes:::​.  ​I have recently made a few updates ​and bug fixes to them and are making them available for download, if you would consider a small donation to help me keep this blog going. ​ Just [[http://​ko-fi.com/​davidb|Buy Me A Coffee]] and you will be given the URL to the .D64 image that contains version 1.1 of the programs.  ​Version 1.0 of these are freely available ​to you on my [[:​media|Media]] page.  Thank you for visiting and for your support!
 ---- ----
-**RAM Disk Review**+**C128 Restored and back in operation**
-Although it's more of a proof-of-concept than a practical utilitythis program turns the memory ​of your C64 into a lightning fast RAM disk for your BASIC programs.  [[:reviews:ramdisk| read more... ]]+For the last few months, my beloved C128 was out of commissiondue to problems with some of the keys on the keyboard.  ​Fortunately,​ I still had my C64C to fall back on, but I was determined to get my C128 operational once again. ​  [[:blog:2018-08-16 ​| read more...]]
 ---- ----
-**Disk Whiz Review**+**Creating an archive of game instructions**
-This is a review of a small, but useful application, ​to help you with your floppy disk housekeeping dutieson your C128. [[:reviews:diskwhiz| read more... ]]+Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I can't recall game controls as easily as I used to; at least with games that I haven'​t played for an extended amount of time. SoI've started jotting down these commands for easy reference [[:blog:2018-08-04|read more...]]
 ---- ----
-**Blogging With the C128**+**Game Review: Organism by Psytronik**
-I know it is probably strangebut I really do like typing on the C128 keyboard It is something that I misswhen working on the laptop.  ​would really like to be using my C128 more for typing documentsfor the blog and such.  ​But the problem is getting the text into a format that I can use on-line. ​[[:blog:2018-04-02 ​| read more... ]] +Psytronik has been pretty busythis first half of 2018In this review, I take a look at their most recent releaseOrganism, by Trevor Storey & Achim Volkers.  [[:reviews:organism|read more...]]
 ---- ----
-**Online Floppy Disk Editing Services**+**More Fun With the Flyer**
-There are some really good floppy ​disk editors ​out there, but most of them are written ​for MS-Windows and do not work well (if at all) on Linux. ​ So, I have written a brief How-To on using three excellent on-line floppy disk editing services, which will work with any modern OS; all you need is your favorite web browser. \\ [[:​blog:​2018-03-17 | read more...]]+One of the reasons why I purchased the Retroswitch Flyer modem was for backing up and archiving my collection of floppy ​disks before they degraded and became unreadable. It's been working ​out well, in this capacity, but I'm ashamed that I never thought ​of this use for it until now!  ​[[:​blog:​2018-06-29|read more...]]
 ---- ----
-**BurgerWhop! ​Review**+**File Cabinet ​Review**
-Hey, what do you know; was able to get another ​review up onto the site.  ​This one is another fun game for the C128!  **BurgerWhop!** has to be one of the best ports of the classic gameBurger Time, I've ever played It has captured much of the charm and character ​of the original, which makes it one of my favorites on any home console\\ [[:reviews:burger_whop ​| read more...]]+have completed a review of another ​noteworthy application published in Loadstar called File Cabinet.  ​It's an easy to use flat file database ​for the C64written by D.J.B. Shibley ​and published in issue 25 of the floppy disk magazine. [[:reviews:filecabinet|read more...]]
 ---- ----
-**Star Fortress ​Review**+**New Review ​and a Few New Resources**
-never heard of this gameuntil just few months ago.  ​**Star Fortress** is much like a combination of Star Castle and Yar'​s ​Revenge, and has become one of my favorite pick-up-and-play games ​Follow ​the link below to read my review. \\ [[:reviews:star_fortress ​read more...]]+For the last little while, ​I've been using this excellent spreadsheet applicationcalled Calc, which I found on Loadstar ​while back.  ​It's my new preferred spreadsheet appfor the C64 and you can read my review ​of it [[:reviews:calc|here]] Also, I've added a new section to the [[:​media|Media]] page, with a few user manuals in PDF form for a few products I've reviewed on the site.
 ---- ----
-**Full Review ​of Steel Ranger**+**RAM Disk Review**
-I finally got around to writing a more complete review of Psytronik'​s ​new release, **Steel Ranger**.  You can find my review ​listed in my Review sectionor just follow this link..\\ [[:reviews:steel_ranger ​| read more...]]+Although it'​s ​more of a proof-of-concept than a practical utilitythis program turns the memory of your C64 into a lightning fast RAM disk for your BASIC programs. ​ [[:​reviews:​ramdisk| read more... ]] 
 +**Disk Whiz Review** 
 +This is a review ​of a smallbut useful application,​ to help you with your floppy disk housekeeping duties, on your C128. [[:reviews:diskwhiz| read more... ]]
 ---- ----
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 ^  What I'm Currently Playing Through ​ ^ ^  What I'm Currently Playing Through ​ ^
-|  {{ :reviews:sydney_hunter_2.png?460 |}}  | +|  {{ :reviews:organism_1a.png?460 |}}  | 
-|  **Sydney Hunter**  | +|  **Organism**  | 
-|  By Exidy / CollectorVision Games  |+|  By Psytronik ​ |
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 [[favs|{{:​cursor2.gif}}]] [[favs|{{:​cursor2.gif}}]]
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