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Classification: Game / Puzzle
Developer: Dave Johannsen
Publisher: Loadstar (Softdisk, Inc)
Year: 1986
Disk: Quadrilation.d64

I'm not all that fond of puzzle type games, especially ones like Tetris. However, Quadrilation is a block-type puzzle game that I particularly like. It was written by Dave Johannsen and published in issue 68 of Loadstar Magazine.

In this game, you spar off against the computer, trying to get the highest score, by connecting multi-coloured blocks on the game board.

When the begins, you have a choice of game boards (or “mats”) on which to play, as well as the shape of the blocks to be used. Choosing the more oddly shaped mats will make it more of a challenge to get the tiles placed on the game board.

With each turn, you are given a choice of coloured tiles to use on each turn. You must chose the one that will cover the most amount of coloured blocks (that make up the tiles) on the game board. If you cannot place a tile, matching a least one colour on the board, then you must “pass”, by pressing F7. If the computer cannot make a move and passes, then the game is over and the scores are tallied. The one with the highest score wins the game.

It's a pretty simple puzzle game to grasp, but it takes some thought to pick the right tile, which will give you the best score - not to mention make it difficult for the computer to make a valuable move on the next turn. I guess that's why I like it more than a game than, say, Tetris. Rather than speed, you're counting on strategy to win.

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