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Comet64's Deca-Drive Function - Here's a look at a new feature, added to the list of commands, which you can use on your CommodoreServer Comet64 Internet Modem. This allows you to connect up to ten disk images to your modem and access them “on the fly”.
Preliminary Review of Retroswitch Flyer - In this review, I give you my first impressions of the Flyer Internet modem, from Retroswitch, as well as taking a closer look at some of the functionality it provides (via a video review).
80 Column Cable - In this article, I review my results in attempting to build an RGBI cable, for my C128, out of an RCA (aka composite) cable. The details on how to make this cable, so I can run my C128 in 80 column mode, was found in Issue #1 of Loadstar 128.


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