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  • C64 Store Demos - This disk image contains a few demo programs that were developed for retail sales outlets for the C64. Demos include the “Clyde” and “C64 Christmas” demos.
  • MultiTerm and TurboTerm II - Two of my favorite modem apps for the C64.
  • Magic SID Jukebox - A fun SID jukebox that plays many popular t.v. themes and tunes from the '80s.
  • 64PowerPack Side 1 and 64PowerPack Side 2- An office suite, containing a word processor, spreadsheet, and database. Goto Review...
  • Ledger 64 - A personal ledger/cheque book register, written by your's truly. Use it to keep track of your own custom account balances and then print session transactions to your printer. Goto Blog...
  • QuickNotes - A simple note taking app, which I also wrote. Each note is saved as its own SEQ file on disk. Goto Blog...
  • 1541 Demo Disk - This is the floppy disk that was shipped with the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive. It contains some utility programs for enhancing the C64 and VIC20 DOS commands, as well as disk copying and management tools. Goto Blog...
  • Calc - A top notch spreadsheet application, written by David Pankhurst and published in Loadstar issue #79. Goto Review...
  • RAM Disk - This utility program provides a virtual RAM disk, which allows you to store up to 32 individual BASIC programs (depending on their block size) in your C64's memory. It was written by Jeff Johnson and published in issue number 13 of Loadstar, back in 1985. Goto Review...
  • The Planner - Easy Working: The Planner is the C64 equivalent to Lotus 1-2-3. Goto Review...
  • Disk Master - Disk Master is a utility to help you manage and keep track of your floppy disks and the programs stored on them. Goto Review...
  • SkiWriter - SkiWriter is a word processor published by Mastertronic International. Goto Review...
  • File Cabinet - File Cabinet is an easy to use flat file database, published in issue number 25 of Loadstar . Goto Review...
  • Star Fortress - A video game that's a cross between Star Castle and Yar's Revenge. Goto Review...




  • Original Disks Collection - A list of the original C64 commercial disks in my collection.
  • Koala Art Gallery - A collection of drawings I did using my Koala drawing tablet.
  • Commodore Hardware Gallery - Pictures of some of the Commodore related hardware I have in my collection.
  • Original Wallpapers Gallery - A few wallpaper images I created, so you can always be reminded of your favorite personal computer when you're not able to use it. Feel free to download and use them on your uninspired non-C64 PC.


  • How-To Dual Disk Copy with Uni-Copy - In this video, I show you how you can easily copy files between two disk drives, using the Uni-Copy program. Uni-Copy was published on the 1541 Demo Disk, which was originally shipped with most 1541 Floppy Disk drives.
  • Clyde Retail Store Demo - This is a Commodore 64 demo that was created for retail store display. It is referred to as the “Clyde Demo”.
  • Comet64 Disk Search Demo (Pt 2) - You saw how to do a disk file search on the CommodoreServer website. Now see how to do the same search using your Comet64 and C64 computer.
  • CommodoreServer Disk Search Demo (Pt 1) - I demonstrate the usefulness and how easy CommodoreServer's disk search service is to use.
  • Full GUI Interface in 40 Seconds - Want to see what can be done with a standard C64, running at one Megahertz? You can't even get modern day MS-Windows up and running this quickly!

SID Player

If there is any disk images or documents that I have provided here to which you own the copyrights and do not wish me to freely share here, then please let me know and I will remove them.

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