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    I Still Adore My 64 & 128



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, 2017/09/24 11:43, 2018/02/24 17:04
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, 2018/06/19 13:33
about your piece on the underrated C-128. I enjoyed it still. You hit an important point. The 80 column option was really important to this machine. Everything from GEOS to The Write Stuff 128 was much better in 80 columns!
I still use one almost daily, with one 1571, and a 2Mb 1750 REU, using a 1084 monitor for all of the video modes. I rarely go into 64 mode, since the 128 is still so rewarding to use.
This is, without a doubt, the best 8 bit computer made!
, 2018/06/19 15:04, 2018/06/19 17:53
Hey, thanks Eric for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts. I'm so glad to learn that there are folks out there that do appreciate and enjoy the C128. You have a nice set-up there, which makes working with the C128 even more enjoyable. Fantastic!
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