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Well, it took me somewhere around twenty four years, but I finally got around to buying a new game on floppy disk for my C64/128. What I decided to buy for myself is the game Soulless, published by Psytronik. And, after just over a month, the parcel finally arrived. It was a long wait, but I can overlook that, as the disk had to make it's way over here from the UK.

Thankfully, while I was waiting for the disk to arrive, Psytronik provided a link to a disk image of the game, which I downloaded and played on my C128, via my Retroswitch Flyer.

I did a review of the disk and the game on my YouTube channel, you can watch it by following this link. For more information on the game, itself, you can visit the Psytronic page by clicking here.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the diskette and the game. So, I foresee my collection of C64 disks growing once again with more games from Psytronik. I think I'll give some other C64 game developers a try, as well, and start showing these talented people some support for their efforts.

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