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This is a list of games that I've either completed or have recorded a hi-score, on my C64 or C128.

Type Game Title Publisher Skill Level Score
Completed Aliens Activision
Hi-Score Astra: Invasion 3 (C128) Echo Magnetic Media Wave 1 23,560
Hi-Score Auriga Players Software 5,650
Completed Awakening Independent
Hi-Score Axis Assassin Electronic Arts Medium 151,700
Hi-Score BurgerWhop! (C128) Independent 75,400
Hi-Score C64anabalt Independent 3,327m
Completed Defender of the Crown Cinemaware
Completed Ghostbusters Activision $69,100
Hi-Score Glory Quest Loadstar $1,399
Hi-Score Joust IJK Software 28,250
Completed Last Ninja Activision
Completed Last Ninja 2 Activision
Completed Law of the West Accolade 3,120
Completed Maniac Mansion LucasFilm
Hi-Score Power Drift Sega 562,180
Completed Project Firestart Electronic Arts
Hi-Score Rescue Squad Muse 13,230
Completed Steel Ranger Psytronik Easy 1,418,300
89% Explored
Hi-Score Trance Sector Ultimate The New Dimension Standard 5,830
Completed Three Stooges Cinemaware

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