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(updated on Nov 20, 2017)

Welcome to my website, dedicated to my favorite pieces of computing technology, the Commodore 64 and 128. These two machines are where my fondness for computing began and where I have a lot of happy memories.

I still use my C64 and C128 today and on these pages, I'd like to share the fun things that continue to learn about them as well as some of wonderful hardware and software still being made for these wonderful machines.


A Good Space Shooter for the C128?

Yes, there are actually some really good games specifically written for the C128! Not only is Astra: Invasion 3 written for the C128, but also for the VDC chip (aka 80 column mode). Check out my review of the game. read more...

80 Column Cable for My C128

As I go through the back issues of Loadstar, which I have on CD, I came across instructions on how to build an RGBI cable, for the C128, out of an RCA (a.k.a. composite) cable. This would allow me to use my C128 in 80 column mode without requiring an RGBI compatible monitor. read more...

Running D64 Images on Real Hardware

I decided to do a video on some of the devices I've purchased, over the years, that helped with the task of running .D64 disk images on my real C64 and C128. The video focuses on the Retroswitch Flyer Internet Modem, which is what I've pretty much settled upon as my go-to device. The video can be found on my YouTube channel, here: https://youtu.be/PHF7DLUMH-Y

Keeping the Data Alive

Recently, I noticed the loss of another valuable Commodore on-line resource; the Commodore Programming Wiki has been shutdown. This valuable collection of Commodore programming information was no longer available for those of us learning how to program our beloved C64s and C128s. I had to try and do something. read more...

Share the Love

I spent a little time this past weekend and designed a couple of Commodore related T-Shirts and other products, on Zazzle.com, for anyone who still adores their Commodore computer and wants to share that with the world. The products can be found HERE. I don't have very much mark-up on these items, but any support will be greatly appreciated.

The Clyde Retail Store Demo

I've been wanting to make a video of this (what seems to be rare) retail store demo, created for the Commodore 64. It is known as the “Clyde Demo” and I was able to make a copy of the floppy disk back in 1983. I only saw this demo playing in a store one time; it was at the Canadian Tire store that my father worked at. This is also where the C64 came from, which my parents gave to me for Christmas, back in 1983. You can watch the demo, HERE.

A Couple of New Reviews Added

I was able to get new reviews done of a couple of my favorite games from the Loadstar library. The games reviewed are Glory Quest and Arachnia 64. Along with the written reviews are links to my YouTube channel, with video versions of the reviews.

New YouTube Channel

After watching a lot of wonderful Commodore related content on YouTube, I've decided to give my hand a try at producing some of my own reviews of my favorite C64 software. Although I'm nowhere near as talented as the folks I've enjoyed watching, I hope you find something useful and/or entertaining with the videos I plan to be posting soon. You can visit my channel here: Dave's Retro Desktop on YouTube

How Rugged Is a Commodore 64?

After three years in unfavorable storage conditions, can I get my C64 workstation back up and running again? Find out in my latest blog post, HERE.

New Review for Loadstar's Disk Master

I've been slowly going through my entire library of Loadstar on floppy, trying to find those little gems that really stood out from the crowd. I've found a few so far and thought I'd do my first review (of I hope many) of what I found to be the most interesting and useful. This one is about a floppy disk cataloging tool, called Disk Master. The review can be found HERE.

Website Rename and Restoration

Ever since selling our home in the city and building a new life for ourselves, out here on the Saskatchewan prairie, my priorities have changed drastically. Unfortunately, one of the hobbies I had to put on hold was retro computing and my Commodore 64. My original C64 computing site, LOADDOLLARSIGN.COM, had to be abandoned, but most of the content of that site was transferred over to a user group, on ipernity.com. I thought it would be safely stored there for future reference and posterity. Alas, it looks as though ipernity's future is not certain, so I'm moving the content, once again.

I have created this new domain, istilladoremy64.chorusgrove.com to serve this purpose. It may be entirely possible that I one day have time and resources to, once again, pick up my activities with my beloved C64. For now, this is where my content will reside. Enjoy!

What C64 Games Would Be Launch-Worthy Today?

I was looking back at some of the games that I thought really shined on the Commodore 64. There are so many great games for the C64. Then I thought, what games would I consider to be “launch titles” if the C64 was a new gaming machine that was about to hit the market tomorrow? read more...

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